The New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS) has published its latest Time Release Study, which looks at how quickly imports and exports are cleared in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Study analysed Customs’ performance in moving cargo through the border over a one-week period in September 2022. It measured the time taken for various events and procedures from when the goods first arrive into the country to their clearance or release.

Customs’ Group Manager Revenue and Assurance, Mr Craig Chitty, says the study showed that the agency has efficient processes and systems to support moving goods through the border. “This includes electronic reporting of shipment details, a risk management and alerts system to flag high risk shipments, post-clearance auditing and ongoing engagement with industry,” he said.

“The time taken for getting imports and exports released at major ports is crucial for businesses and New Zealand’s economy. The Time Release Study findings show most imports are cleared for release before they even arrive into New Zealand, and exports are cleared before departure. If goods are reported to Customs correctly, they can be cleared within seconds.” “New Zealand’s airports and seaports also have automated facilities to get their goods to market as quickly as possible, while still allowing vital security and risk checks.”