Two Asian passengers aged 22 and 19 have been detained following discovery of drugs in their possession.

In the first case, 1008 grams of Cannabis were seized hidden in the luggage of a male passenger, who travelled to Maldives on 22nd November 2014. On his arrival, Customs Officers at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) conducted questioning, which lead to further examination of his luggage and body and subsequent discovery of drugs in his luggage. Its contents were later tested and showed positive for Cannabis. The pellet measured 1008 grams in weight, including its packing.

A similar seizure was also made on 21st November 2014, in which 925 grams of Cannabis was seized from a 20 year old male passenger who came to Maldives on employment visa.

Both these cases have been handed over to Maldives Police Service for further investigation. 

Maldives Case